We Fish!

Less than an hour ago, the Court of Appeals stay was granted, enabling trollers to fish effective July 1st per our ace team at Northwest Resource Law.

Due to the hard work of the ATA board, many trollers and their supporters including the coalition of Tribes of SE AK, the State and our Congressional Delegation all working together, we have successfully obtained a Stay from the court. The official language from the court is posted below.

Order on State of AK Mtn for Stay and WFC Mtn for Injunctive Relief (Dkt. No. 48)

Amy Daugherty said, “This has been an extremely challenging time for all of us. But thankfully, with the State’s help and the Tribes recent declarations and our delegation, we have alerted the court to the disastrous consequences of a summer in SE without trolling.”

According to Doug Steding, ATA attorney, “We are grateful for the 9th circuit recognizing the overwhelming impacts that the district court’s ruling would have on the residents of Southeast Alaska”.

Amy Daugherty, Executive Director
Alaska Trollers Association
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