ATA Press Release 8/10/22 In Response to Judge Jones’s Order Against Trollers

Our hook and line king salmon fishery is low impact, harvesting one fish at a time, and our harvests are annually limited to about a third of what we historically harvested.  We’ve been fishing for over one hundred years using this method, and are committed to continuing to do so in a sustainable manner.  Our small Southeast community economies need our modest allocation of these fish.  

The Wild Fish Conservancy continues its litigious ways, now justifying their existence by targeting a small boat fishery in Alaska.  This Seattle-based organization has no regard or appreciation for small fisheries in rural Alaska. This same group advocates reintroduction of fish traps which captures spawning king salmon after those fish have entered rivers. Alaska outlawed these prior at statehood because of their harm to fish populations.

We will continue to fight to preserve our fishery and our way of life.