A Winter Fishery This Year!: Thanks to Matt Donohoe and Jeff Farvour at the BoF

The 2021/2022 commercial winter troll fishery for Chinook salmon will reopen in defined outside waters east of the winter boundary line at 12:01 a.m., Sunday, April 3, 2022. The fishery will continue through April 30, 2022, or until the guideline harvest level (GHL) of 45,000 non-Alaska hatchery-produced (treaty) Chinook salmon is reached (5 AAC 29.070[a][1] and 5 AAC 29.080[a]). 

During the 2022 Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting held in Anchorage, action plans were adopted giving the department direction, through emergency order authority, to identify and implement actions that provide conservation for Southeast Alaska/Yakutat (SEAK) and Transboundary River (TBR) wild Chinook salmon stocks while continuing to identify harvest opportunities that maintain conservation of these stocks.