Our latest news on the WFC lawsuit is not good.  A magistrate has sided with the WFC (against reason, I believe as the SRKW count is strong and strenghening!).  And while the judge has yet to agree with the magistrate, we are now in the position where we need to continue to work on making sure we are not collateral damage in this lawsuit. That will involve additional legal funds.  (NW Resource Law has been incredibly generous with their time and charges thus far, btw.)

On the bright side, Doug, our atty believes the State AG will vigorously defend our fishery.  And while the NMFS may have to produce another BiOP, Doug is hopeful the end result will not impact, or reduce our fishery. I stressed that trollers do not want to be a sacrificial lamb and Doug assures me we won’t be, but it is not as easy to circumnavigate this legal situation as we had hoped. We need to keep participating in the process until it ends, likely with NMFS settling with WFC.

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