In many areas getting the weather forecast via VHF is impossible. Here’s an alternative via text (phone or satellite).

Phone: (907) 654-5793

Then in put one of the following codes as text. The weather guys will text back that area’s forecast.

Inside waters

  • PKZ098     Synopsis for SEAK inner channels
  • PKZ011      Glacier Bay
  • PKZ012     N. Lynn Canal
  • PKZ013     S.Lynn Canal
  • PKZ021     Icy Strait
  • PKZ022    Cross Sound
  • PKZ031     Stephens Passage
  • PKZ032    N. Chatham Strait
  • PKZ033    S.Chatham Strait
  • PKZ034    Fredrick Sd
  • PKZ035    Sumner Strait
  • PKZ036    Clarence Strait

Outside Waters

  • PKZ099    Synopsis for outside waters
  • PKZ041     Dixon Entrance – Cape Decision
  • PKZ042    Cape Decision – Cape Edgecomb
  • PKZ043    Cape Edgecomb – Cape Fairweather
  • PKZ051     Cape Fairweather – Icy Cape
  • PKZ052    Icy Cape – Cape Suckling