Why Join ATA?


ATA is the only organization specifically working on behalf of the Alaska troll fleet. Our board members are all professional trollers who are elected by the membership to represent a full range of fishing communities and troll areas. ATA works closely with other seafood industry groups.


ATA is on the front lines, defending the fleets’ interest and providing solid information and unified positions to policy makers and the public, so you can concentrate on your business. ATA represents trollers in important forums like the Board of Fisheries and Pacific Salmon Commission.


ATA has a well-seasoned Board of Directors and staff known for their longstanding leadership on fisheries issues. We work with fishermen, environmental and public policy advocates, and government leaders across the country, to develop policies to safeguard fishermen, consumers, and the resources we rely upon.


ATA spends a lot of time in the public arena and behind the scenes gathering information, attending and hosting meetings, and educating others about the issues that affect trollers and the business of trolling and its impact on our communities and state.


ATA is on the job when you’re at sea. Through ATA you have access to the information and people who affect your livelihood. We encourage discussion amongst the fleet on important topics, which helps form positions that are then passed on to lawmakers.


ATA helps keep you fishing! We publish a quarterly newsletter and other informational mailings, with affordable advertising rates for business members. Members can attend board meetings and get special office access. ATA dues and contributions are nearly 100% tax deductible.


Download, Print and Send Membership Application

All payments should include full name, address, email address, phone number, and vessel name.

Mail to:

Alaska Trollers Association
130 Seward #205
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 586-9400