What happened with SEAGO’s Proposal 83 at the BOF?

After many late night meetings on many iterations, ATA retained the 80-20 (troller to sport) split and managed to reduce the non-resident bag limit in Tier 2 and part of Tier 3, in years of low abundance.

This year we are in Tier 5 so we anticipate “peace in the valley”.  However, in the worst case scenario, we may have non-resident draws on the troll 80% in years when our harvest is lower. 

As part of the package, we inserted a sunset in forcing a renegotiation in 3 years, in our next in-cycle BoF.  

Special thanks to Jacquie Foss and Jeff Farvour and Ceri for being at the forefront of negotiations, and all the ATA board members who took the time to fly up to Anchorage to help.

Updated: March 29, 2022