** Citations Not Issued by the Department of Public Safety if your Vessel has a current CFEC Registration. ***

Since the passage of the Derelict Vessels Act (SB 92) in 2018, documented vessel owners have had to register their boats with both the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) and the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Before passage of the Derelict Vessels Act, U.S. Coast Guard documented commercial fishing vessel owners only had to register their boats with the CFEC.

This legislative session, the House Fisheries committee introduced a bill (HB 28) that would remove the requirement for vessels with a current CFEC registration to also register with the DMV. The bill has passed the House but is still awaiting consideration in the Senate. AS 05.25.055(f) already provides that vessels with a current federal certificate that operate for 90 consecutive days or less in Alaskan waters are exempt from further registration requirements.

Given that the legislature is actively considering legislation to eliminate the duplicative registration requirement, the Department of Public Safety will refrain from issuing citations to documented vessel owners for failure to register with the DMV provided the vessel has a current CFEC registration.

Amy Daugherty
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Alaska Trollers Association
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