SSRAA election Ballot Confusion

SSRAA Board is currently holding their annual election for the board.  The original Power Troll ballots (printed on blue paper) went out between Oct 28th-Nov 4th with a clerical error.  Once the error was recognized, new ballots were issued (on bright yellow paper) and sent out the week of November 9th.  The corrected ballots are due the original due date of December 4th, 2020.  SSRAA asks that you disregard the first mailing and return the YELLOW ballot only.  If you have already voted with the blue ballot, you must revote with the new yellow ballot, 

One of the four Power Troll three-year seats is also up for election this year.  ATA supports Ben Atwood of Ketchikan who serves on our ATA board for this race.  Having Ben on SSRAA will help the communication between our two entities. 

The single Hand Troll seat is also up for election with incumbent Craig Ring running unopposed.  Craig is an ATA board member and we support him continuing on SSRAA. He is a valuable ATA board member who will also keep communications between us.  

Amy Daugherty
Executive Director 
Alaska Trollers Association
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