Latest on Covid-19

Dear Trollers,

Regrettably the requirements of fishing in this age of COVID-19 are continuously being changed and updated. We are contacting you about some brand new COVID-19 measures you need to know about:

• Health Mandate 017: This Governor’s mandate includes new policies that affect both fishermen and the SPC plant. They are necessary to protect the safety of our community. A link to the Governors website where you can find HM 017 is as follows

• As sole proprietors, you are required to read HM 017 and sign an Acknowledgment Form (attached) BEFORE participating in the 2020 fishing season. You must also keep a copy of the form available on your vessel and supply a signed copy to any purchaser to keep on file.

• HM 017 requires all fishermen to provide identification and documentation to confirm their status as members of an essential industry. Be aware of this requirement to avoid issues later.

• HM 017 also requires vessel captains to educate all crew on the contents of the mandate and its attachments.

• Finally, HM 017 requires you to fly a Lima flag or one of similar marking if a member of your crew is in quarantine. These flags are available for purchase at LFS in Sitka.

• All these requirements are important for the continuing operation of our industry—your business and ours. We encourage you to use the attached forms to satisfy HM 017 requirements.

This email presents a summary of some of the HM 017 requirements. However, HM 017 has many obligations not mentioned in this email. Please review the above link to make yourself aware of these obligations and adhere to them as required by law.